For Educators, Students, Parents

These are some of our favorite resources for learning about science, math, and engineering. This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list.

Online Courses and Curriculum Materials

  • Art of Problem Solving: mathematics – complete curriculum, books, online courses, and online community for pre-college students around the world.
  • CodeAcademy: easy introduction to programming in different languages.
  • Khan Academy: all subjects, all levels.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare: open materials, including video lectures, for MIT courses.
  • edX: opportunity to take free courses online from universities including MIT and Harvard.

Competitions for the Classroom

  • Curiosity Challenge: competition for elementary school students in the Boston area for asking great questions about science.
  • MathCounts: middle-school competition for fast math problem-solving.
  • AMC: national math competitions for middle and high schoolers.
  • FIRST: international robotics competition for teams of high-schoolers.

Science Videos

  • MIT+K12: videos showcasing MIT science and scientists.
  • Vi Hart: YouTube video maker focused on the beauty of math.
  • Behind the Scences at MIT exciting two-minute videos relating chemistry to everyday life and applications.

Science Games

  • The Education Arcade at MIT develops games aimed at improved math, science, engineering, programming, and literacy skills.
    • StarLogo allows students to develop their own games.
    • TaleBlazer is a system for playing and developing location-based augmented-reality games.
    • The Radix Endeavor is a massively multiplayer online game intended to teach STEM subjects as a part of the standard curriculum.
  • The Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab develops toys and games for learning programming and other skills. Their signature creation is Scratch – a user-friendly programming language for writing games, animations, etc.

Commercial Toys & Games

Field Trips (Boston Area)

After-School Programs (Boston Area)

  • PRIMES: intensive after-school math research program.
  • MITxplore: math problem-solving enrichment taught by MIT students.
  • Spring HSSP: formal classes taught by MIT students.

Summer Programs (Boston Area)

  • Summer HSSP: formal classes taught by MIT students.
  • MIT Science of Baseball: program at MIT for students to learn math and science through baseball.
  • Shine for Girls: 8-week summer program for middle-school girls that combines dancing with math.